Reasons why India loves Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul kalam no more with us. May his soul rest in peace. He was a true leader and a great contributor to the world of science, and to the technology in India. He was president of India and hence naturally part of the politics of India – yet away from it all. In true sense, he was one of the few men in the country liked by all.

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Streets were busy again!

Yesterday, Jayam and I were at SV Road. The road, otherwise most painful in traffic – had something so happening… Equal streets. The atmosphere was really so fresh and full of energy.

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The Anatomy of Modiwave!

As the great Congress melt down continues and Modi keeps driving more electoral success for BJP experts, panelist and perhaps even congress folks have silently agreed that indeed Modi wave exists and continues to strive. The phenomenon of Modi wave originated in Lokshabha elections of 2014; it was meant for just that! But as soon as elections are over, the critic started challenging whether Modi-wave will continue to give mileage to BJP?

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Happy teachers day!

On this teacher’s day, I am remembering and writing about one of the most important teacher of my life – my guide, mentor and a lot more, Prof. Uday B. Desai.

This blog is particularly to remember many of those moments and also to note key elements that really inspired in me.

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Cincinnati Bublaboo ….!

This Saturday Jayam became a Magician!

Few weeks ago – this new thing begun – which took a lot of our energy – specially of my wife. But all together it was worth it! It was good fun, and good to see what a 6 year old child can do. It was really magical experience for us.

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Back to Life?

For quite some time my What’sApp – status said “I am not a human any more!…” which is now “Back to life!” . Not too many people noticed though and those who did, didn’t quite realized what it meant. Most of my close friends knows I was always “In-Human” anyways.  It is not new that I am an extreme workaholic and remain disconnected from friends and relatives quite often. And as always, clocks keep stretching as I come home.

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Freedom is what you make it to be!

Freedom while working in organization is a most critical aspects. It not only makes you comfortable, but indeed allows you to actually control your career path. There are many management books which typically focus on how to empower people and why we should give freedom to all employees. But the point is really mutual. What to do when employees don’t quite appreciate or know what to do with the freedom?

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Sachin – a match winner or a selfish legend?

So finally Sachin retires from ODI. Its a remarkable moment for great many of his fans – and a moment to chill for many of his critics. After all, the much awaited retierement is here.

While sachin goes, but the controversy remains. Was he really one of the best match winners for India or was he really a legend but selfish for his own records?

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