Hello world!

Just so incidental, that i finally had a time to breathe, after a lot of time, just on the eve when i am about to turn 35!  Not that all work is close and done, but between to major things. For a long time I could not spent time on anything good; it wasn’t tiring, it used to get so intriguing with work that i never thought i would have time to put a blog of my own. Nevertheless the urge to do that was so great. And i guess this is the best birthday gift that i can give myself that now am finally a publisher of my ideas and experiences; and share with others what would have usually kept on brewing on my head all the time.

I hope to add value though. I don’t quite intent to copy things from people. Don’t expect “URLs of good stuff” here, and also, don’t quite expect “recipes of things to do” or “my last vacation tour” and all that stuff. They all might be interesting to me and useful but i would spare this blog from these things. Let it be “thoughts” – ideas, opinions and reflections. And while my opinions might not really be all that unique, but i would like to be away from the stuff where i am largely in line with public opinion anyway (and hence not adding value by just putting stuff together). I believe expressing about those subtle things that are commonly overshadowed by our mass judgments and once in a while as you sip coffee (or tea as i like it), and read this, it might trigger me to re-think stuff.

On the other hand i hope nothing gets to the extent of preaching. I hate when people’s intent behind saying something is hidden with an agenda of some kind and if you find any of that here, please comment back to stop me!

I like Technology, and off late concerned more about “Business of technology“, how things evolve, get adopted, what works and what gets accepted, and why. What truly excites me is the originality and excellence of people’s work more than what tricks makes you millionaire quickly. Not that i am against those who has been there; but just that to me that is not a scoring point. Overtime, management itself became a critical element in life.

But since my childhood, i am equally curious about the life, the universe and everything. That connects my views about natural way science seeks to know the truth about the universe and how religions explains some of it. How they connect and overlap and why would i believe in the existence, in faith, why should i trust people and what make emotions relevant. I am definitely not an expert here. So i can only have opinions and not answers, but they are most important to me because that is what holds me together and shows me the path for life. Off late i have been cheating this element of my life – the very origin; because i am sadly disconnected from the daily dose of it. But i hope this blog, brings some of it back.

Those who only know me for last 4 years would rightly believe that relationships is something i don’t care about. Even my wife now suspects that (quite often)! But all my special friends know it and the depth of the relationship with is still alive (with some hibernation) with me. I remember those night long discussions; those debates, frustrations, questions and opinions we used to share; to express what we thought when we did things, what mattered to us and the what we wished the world should have been!  I guess, i want to live those times again – may be this time it is only possible on Internet; this is what this blogs all about!

Sept -11 – 2011.


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