Cincinnati Bublaboo ….!

This Saturday Jayam became a Magician!

Few weeks ago – this new thing begun – which took a lot of our energy – specially of my wife. But all together it was worth it! It was good fun, and good to see what a 6 year old child can do. It was really magical experience for us.

The magician Jayam

The magician Jayam

Jayam, got selected to represent it’s school CNM for an inter-school competition. This was supposed to be a “Fancy dress competition” – or so were we told. It was decided that he would be a magician. Magic happens to be a fully new thing for both of us parents; It wasn’t enough that he just wears a magician dress, he had to actually perform magic – so that was the first shocker to us. By references, we got to know a young boy slightly elder to Jayam, who had learned such trick and hence he agreed to teach us few things. So finally we had some idea about what is it all about and we learned about “Magic”!

But expectations were high. In the very early review from school teachers said, they were not impressed by tricks that somehow people would have seen it or would be very “simple” – also, it needed a lot of practice for Jayam to master it such that it would look flawless in the stage.

But that wasn’t enough either – we had to have a ‘theme’ with a connecting message – and then needed to do something rather unique. Since it was about message – we had to also do quite a few round of improvising in the script he would use. But as we were searching for theme -“earth” we found almost nothing; of the type we needed including from the places

So all in all, we had to really invent magic! And make Jayam execute it in the audience.  You can all see for yourself – the last trick in the video is what we created hand made…

Indeed, all through out we did find it tough, we did panic and we did got stressed and exhausted; but we learned and we did enjoyed.

So presenting the new magician – Jayam. with his magic mantra:
“Cincinnati Bublaboo… you will be amazed at what I do !..”

Some pics:
Flower Trick Water Trick  Earth is in BAD condition! Get earth very green!

The competition wasn’t really about “Fancy Dress” – it was about magic – so all student were doing magic. And we were slightly off the track in terms of rules as well – in term of using props. Jayam didn’t got any winning position, but I think he was still amongst the top few out of 30+ students.

It was participating in something like this- put Jayam really on a different scale, at least in his school. We were very happy that on the stage he really did all his best.


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