The Anatomy of Modiwave!

As the great Congress melt down continues and Modi keeps driving more electoral success for BJP experts, panelist and perhaps even congress folks have silently agreed that indeed Modi wave exists and continues to strive. The phenomenon of Modi wave originated in Lokshabha elections of 2014; it was meant for just that! But as soon as elections are over, the critic started challenging whether Modi-wave will continue to give mileage to BJP?

Modi wave

Even in the Modi’s US visit, we see people greet to see him with such immense curiosity and joy. He can galvanize any audience be it in India or abroad. It is historic to any PM in India, the way he charmed the audience at Madison Square. But critic won’t just acknowledge Modi’s wave! So finally, I think with Maharashtra and Hariyana elections, people are finally mouth shut.

So what is this Modi wave exactly? Why is Modi so popular?

Love me or hate me, you can’t ignore me.

Modi fans

Modi has so many fans! Perhaps the largest number of followers in twitter for an Indian politician; and largest media following that most prime ministers would have ever got. Even when you compare him with Indira Gandhi, we should note that had a government mouth piece to project her; whereas Modi still have to navigate through a rather open media.

Yes, it is true that Modi has been polarizing figure. But one of the best thing Modi does very well, is that he keeps his focus on his fans. He doesn’t do anything that will disappoint his fan base. He would rather play silent and even encourage his haters to bark more. And by this strategy his gains both ways.

Modi doesn’t loose heart with hate speeches against him; he is ready to retaliate and as he puts it jitna kichhad uchhaloge, kamal utna hi khilage : “the more you throw mud, more the lotus will grow”. Time and again, specially with Rahul – Modi rallies, we have seen Rahul loosing out because, ultimately, he is seen just blaming Modi. And given the anti-incumbency that exist, it is only advantage Modi.

The reason why Modi wave exist at the first place, is because you just can’t ignore him.

Did opponents made it stronger?

To be honest, opponents all put together has the most significant role to play in the making of the Modi-wave. Right from the Lok shabha election till now, Modi had more or less only on thing to say corruption free india and development in India – and hence to get rid of Congress. However, all opponents got together and did just one thing – ‘blame Modi’ and denied that such a wave ever existed. Most people who bashed against modi, themselves didn’t have any better clue about things. For any person with a reasonable mind choice is rather obvious.

From Nitish kumar to Lalu prasad and from Mulayam to Rahul all of them accused Modi heavily for being communal. Arvind kejriwal who tried to beat only Modi for being corrupt and called him Ambani’s agent, didn’t say much about congress. Any intelligent person would be confused when you say Modi more corrupt than congress. Raj Thackeray “left” the Lokshabha seats for Modi and praised him even though they had no alliance; and yet in assembly they started opposing him! All blame him, accuses him! Just because he is MODI!

Everywhere, while Modi focused on giving bigger picture to people – the need for development and economic growth, all other punters came together only to spent their energy proving modi wrong and portraying him bad. They rebutted every claim made by him, and they reacted to every word he spoke; and it is this that created the Modi-wave!  Perhaps, if any opponents, had their own agendas, and the would have spoken about stuff other than Modi, it would have given competition to Modi, and Modi wave could have been contend! But it was the opponents who, idiotically for no better ideas, kept modi in the eye of everyone and landed him much of the publicity than what he could have done it by himself.

If you make “Modi vs. All” – Modi is surely going to win!

Yes, it is all marketing

Modi sarkar

It is really all marketing (and nothing else), which even the oppositions would want to put it. Yes, it is. But even this marketing had shown excellence. And while details may vary, it is important to understand that ‘just the ton of money you throw and everyone starts following you are starts liking you’ is a premise that doesn’t work. In the LS 2014 polls, even my 2 and half year old nephew could rhyme “Aab ki baar Modi sarkar“. And “Achhe din” phrase that got resonated and is still being used in everything government did and does after being elected.

The crux isn’t that somehow BJP got better brand manager over congress – or that congress’s budget fell shorter than that of BJP. (which was BTW a whooping 700 crs.) The crux is, for an effective marketing, you need an effective clear idea that you want to promote. Does anyone remembers the Rahul’s campaign punch line today? Because they didn’t have any – they just had a lot of details.

That marketing wouldn’t have worked if Modi was confused, if Modi would have different answers and plea for different people, if he had lacked conviction about it in his ralley’s what his posters said. It wouldn’t have created wave had Modi couldn’t have managed to connect the people of India.

It is true, that so far the complete Modi-wave, which still is, is only on faith. The trust people have, however, gets reciprocated by his words – which is why there is Modi wave.

The Modi wave is just the faith that people have in him. And it’s real!

The positivity

Inspiring Modi

The ultimate reason why the Modi-wave is sustainable is not about whether he is right or wrong in the election rallies; not whether he has ran exceptional schemes. It is positivity. It was indeed rare, that “Achhe din” campaign was presented by any party in Indian politics; while everyone may disagree on agenda, the need for “better days” is indisputably the one thing that will bind every Indian’s wishes and aspirations.

Unfortunately, our politics is filled with all the filth – where every politician is just throwing mud over the other. And quite often just because they are opposing sides, one has to condemn the other guy’s action (or at best downplay). You have people like Shashi Tharoor, who gets sacked, officially citing the reason that he praised Modi’s scheme. You have people like Arvind Kejriwal, who focuses on blaming others and doing sting operations even after he is made chief minister. And then you have people like Nitish kumar and Lalu yadav who, after blaming each other to death, come to shake hands because political equations change! Yuk!

These things might drive TRPs of news channels, but to be honest, all others are really not bothered to figure out who is right or wrong – we just doesn’t care. And before the last LS elections, people just had the basic perception: “All politicians are corrupt and mean” which has kept many talented people away from the domain. This was the heightened negativity – which I think Modi has actually broken.

Positivity has an enormous potential and snowball effect that most would underestimate. In all elections, only because of this positivity, not only BJP got seats and country got a stable (no confusion) government after 30 years but for the first time time a lot of people turned up to vote. [not only the voting percent rise, but 2014 registered highest enrollment]. People woke up and went to vote. They went (and even paid) to attend rallies because they got some one who could bring upon a positive view of things. And this is not just charisma, this is conviction and resonated well with all Indian, here and even in US.

The single largest contribution of Modi is going to be is this positivity, which bring faith and belief that India CAN! and if he can sustain that, a new Indian mindset will be able to self propel themselves, and “Achhe din” will actually be there just by people’s own efforts of pushing the envelop.

Positivity: the faith for better tomorrow, is the contagious snowball that keeps gathering Modi fans; That, is nothing but the Modi wave!

Yes, there is MODI wave, and this is not just another political fad. Like it or not, Modi is not only in charge of the country, he is in charge of the dreams of the people – and as long as he puts sincere efforts to those billion aspirations, the Modi tsunami is not going to expire. If people think, that the halo will go as usual, or if they will trap modi by some rhetoric, you are plain simple wrong.


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