Streets were busy again!

Yesterday, Jayam and I were at SV Road. The road, otherwise most painful in traffic – had something so happening… Equal streets. The atmosphere was really so fresh and full of energy.

Equal Streets - SV Road

Funtimes at Equal Streets. Reclaim your streets.

For those who don’t know, it blocks one side of the road where people take on with many physical activities… We begun early morning and Jayam was in a skating gears and there was the full team of TSG (The Sports Gurukul) where he gets Skating coaching.

DSC04275 DSC04261 DSC04262

The action begins, with exercise 

DSC04268 DSC04269

Saw Jayam at his best…

DSC04259 DSC04285 DSC04286 DSC04287 DSC04290 DSC04352  DSC04353

The kids enjoyed a lot; and looks like the action will never end!!

DSC04271 DSC04300

DSC04308 DSC04311 DSC04312 DSC04313

DSC04315 DSC04316 DSC04318

DSC04272 DSC04278


Ya, we did fell down! but we continued…

DSC04320 DSC04321

It’s hockey-on-skate! So much fun…

DSC04322 DSC04323

DSC04325 DSC04328 DSC04329 DSC04333 DSC04335

And coaches also put up some astonishing stuff!

DSC04292 DSC04301 DSC04293 DSC04350 DSC04349 DSC04351

We finished with cool down exercise

DSC04341 DSC04342

DSC04337 DSC04288

But it ain’t over yet; there is a lot more to catch up! 

DSC04357 DSC04274 DSC04289 DSC04291 DSC04346 DSC04360 DSC04363

… and finally, it’s time to go home.


It’s was a real fun!!… see you soon ‘Equal Streets!’ we will come again and reclaim the streets..

See more videos at Youtube..


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